Commercial and Industrial

Housing Bank – Marj Al Hamam

A branch for housing bank Located in Amman – Marj Al Hamam . The work includes Civil , Architectural , Electrical , Mechanical works  & complex decoration . It also includes exterior cladding using spider glass system & Trespa panels . it is  2-floors branch with total area = 1100 m2 .

It also includes all banks complex systems such as security , fire protection , intrusion & access  Systems . This project is Designed & supervised by CC .

Housing Bank – Main Branch

The main branch for Housing Bank – Jordan. Located in Amman , Total Area = 700m2 . the work includes all Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Wooden & Decoration. It includes all banks sophisticated systems such as : security, fire protection, intrusion & access systems. The project is supervised by Housing Bank Engineering unit.

Jordanian press company – Al dustor

A 1300 m2 2- floors building located in Amman. The work included all civil , Electrical & Mecahnical works. It also includes Decoration & special lighting system

Passenger cars delivery center

This project is a 2400 meter squer Industrial Structure owned by Mercedes – Jordan. Work includes all Foundations concrete works , Finishing, Electrical & Mechanical works. It also included pavement asphalt works for parking lot. It is been finished in 6 months period only.

Mercedes Technicians Training center

A 2500 M2  Technician Training center owned by T. Gharghour & sons company. It is a 2 Story building The work includes all sckeleton & finishing works. It also included all training system requirements. Mechanical & electrical works are also included in the project.

Mercedes Trucks Repair Center

A 5000 m2 steel Hanger Owned By mercedes – Jordan . The project includes all reinforced concrete foundations and Industrial flooring sysytem. Project also includes Electrical Systems & Mecahnical works. It includes all asphalt pavement yards surrounding the project.

Industrial spare parts Development Center

A private Industrial  owned project . It is about 3000 square meters where work includes all structural , Finishing, Electrical & Mechanical works. The project is for spare parts repair & development. The height of structure is about 7 meters. Special supporting system is used to cast the one piece slab.